Hobart Sheds And Garages

Hobart homeowners need storage space and secure storage for vehicles and household equipment. At Tassie Sheds Hobart we offer robust residential garages designed and engineered specifically for your building site. Our steel building designs are made from the highest quality BlueScope steel and have been proven to stand the test of time.

Huge Range of Garage and Shed Configurations.

At Tassie Sheds Hobart we have a large range of residential garages and sheds available in a range of sizes. While we offer common sizes of single, double and triple garages we have the design capacity to adjust the dimensions of your garage in terms of height, span and length.

Each property owner’s requirement is different and depends on the home’s need to store its tools, vehicles and property. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to adjust the dimensions of your residential garage to ensure that you receive the garage you require. We also have the flexibility to include a carport extension turning your shed into a garaport. You can add a lean-to into your design, essentially creating additional sheltered space without adding much additional cost.

Range Of Steel Buildings

Farm Sheds

Industrial Sheds




Arenas & Covers

Fully customise your new SHED

To ensure your garage is both functional and achieves the desired aesthetics, we offer a huge range of optional extras that can be added to your shed design. You have the option to include a motorised roller door, personal access door, skylight sheeting, ventilation and insulation.

Our garages are made from high tensile Australian BlueScope Steel with COLORBOND® or Zincalume steel sheeting walls and roof. This gives you plenty of choices when selecting colour combinations that suit your landscape and surrounding buildings.

Contact your local Tassie Sheds experts for a Hobart garage that is quality from the ground up.


 We know every bloke in Hobart needs a study garage and workshop to carry out work and enjoy hobbies indoors. At Tassie Sheds we offer just that, a range of robust workshop designs that are designed by Australians for Australians. Utilising high-quality materials, we provide quality steel building solutions that are strong, flexible and designed and engineered for your specific site.

Flexible Custom Workshop Designs

Due to Tassie Sheds innovative 3D shed design system, we have the flexibility to custom design the perfect garage and workshop combination to suit your requirements. Height, span and length can be changed, and open bays and enclosed secure areas can be added.

There are several optional extras available from roller doors, personal access doors, skylight sheeting, windows, internal walls, ventilation and insulation. One or a combination of these can be incorporated into your design to increase functionality and help you achieve your desired building.

Quality Materials & Service

Our designs are pre-engineered and have been certified by ShedSafe, which is an independent industry body that reviews shed supplier designs to ensure they meet the Building Code of Australia. We use BlueScope Steel exclusively, with a minimum of 450MPa GALVASPAN®, across our structural components. Not only does this provide you with warranties from BlueScope Steel, but it also gives you the choice of whether you would prefer ZINCALUME® or one of COLORBOND®’s 22 colours to complete the building.

We can supply your steel workshop components in kit form, or we can assist with the build.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your steel workshop project.


Tassie Sheds Hobart built colorbond shed.Farmers know the importance of having a good quality farm building to protect their machinery and their produce. The team at Tassie Sheds Hobart will work with you to design the best rural steel building to suit your farming and agricultural needs.

Our buildings are manufactured and engineered to the highest Australian Standards and utilise the strongest and most reputable materials. At Tassie Sheds we invest heavily in research and development to ensure we provide the best quality farm steel buildings to the Tasmanian market.

To give you further confidence when purchasing your rural shed with Tassie Sheds, our entire range of steel buildings are ShedSafe accreditation.

Open Gable End Farm Sheds

We can adapt our sheds to provide you with an open gable end design. This style can offer significant storage for your rural property, allowing you to protect hay, harvests, machinery or your livestock. We can enclose one, two or three walls and have the option of extended header sheets. As with all of our Hobart farm sheds, you can select between ZINCALUME® or COLORBOND® cladding on both walls and roof.

Open Front Farms Sheds

Our range of open-front farm sheds offers flexibility and versatility, ensuring you can best maximise the use of your assets. Our dimensions are flexible, and you can nominate the number of bays, and the widths, and even make them uneven if required. You also have the option to choose between a skillion or gable roof, giving you greater control over finishes and functionality.

We offer a large range of machinery sheds, farm sheds and storage buildings to suit most applications and budgets. As with our entire range, we can customise our standard designs to suit your requirements, including the incorporation of optional extras.


Tassie Sheds Hobart barns offers both American and Aussie-style barns. Our American-style barns feature a centre pitch of 22.5 degrees, with reflected lean-tos at 12.5 degrees as standard. This traditional design suits rural landscapes and is a popular design among our customers.

Manufactured using genuine Australian BlueScope Steel, with industry-leading engineering measures, you are sure to receive a barn that has been designed to last, and protect your livelihood.

American or Aussie Barns

These rural steel buildings are the ideal solution for many applications – such as storage of expensive farming equipment, housing livestock or installing a car hoist in the high centre bay.

Optional Extras

We also offer many optional extras to enhance your steel barn, to ensure that maximum functionality is achieved. Motorised roller doors, personal access doors, mezzanine levels and ventilation are just some of the extras available when designing your steel barn.

You can include up to three roller doors on the front and back of the steel barn, with the option to include them in the side walls also.

Gable Or Skillion Roof

We can opt to have a gable or skillion roof, enabling you to achieve your desired finish. As we use BlueScope Steel, we also give the option of a huge range of COLORBOND® steel colours, allowing you to select a colour combination that suits your site’s landscape and local buildings.

Why Tassie Sheds?


Arena CoverIf you are looking for a steel-building solution to house your animals and livestock, contact your local steel-building experts at Tassie Sheds Hobart. Our range of BlueScope Steel horse sheds, stables and arenas are robust and designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

We use BlueScope Steel as it is ultra-strong and combined with our engineering that incorporates extended overlaps on purlins and girts gives you peace of mind that your building is built tough.

Horse Sheds & Stables Hobart

Our Hobart stables and equine sheds are a cost-effective building solution.  Height, span and width can be tailored to suit your needs, add bays, make some of them enclosed and secure and internal walls are even available.  Our stables can then be completed with tack rooms, split doors and extended areas for your horses to stretch their legs.

Equestrian Covers & Arenas Hobart

Our covers are a great choice for equine properties, as they provide year-round protection for your horses and riding staff.  The design parameters are flexible, which means we can tailor an arena to the available space on your property. You can add extended header sheets, and can even enclose one or more of the walls.

Our dedicated staff will sit with you to find the best solution for your property, so get in touch with us today.


Industrial Shed Clad in Colorbond BasaltTassie Sheds Hobart can supply cold-formed steel portal frame industrial and commercial buildings that are custom designed and engineered specifically for your business. Our industrial division can help with almost any commercial building venture, from your smaller industrial workshops and factories, to larger school buildings, warehouses and offices.

Hobart Cold Form Buildings

Our cold-form industrial sheds are manufactured from genuine Australian BlueScope Steel, and our frames utilise 450+MPa steel coil in major components. This framing system provides for lengths greater than 100 metres, heights up to 7 metres and clear spans up to 28 metres.

Large Sheds are Our Speciality

We use premium quality materials, with all major components manufactured from Australian BlueScope Steel. Cladding options are available in both ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel, ensuring the desired finish is achieved. We also offer a wide range of optional extras that can be incorporated into your industrial design.

Our industrial steel buildings are a strong and cost-effective building choice. Steel is a relatively lightweight material yet immensely strong, and manufacturing times are typically quicker than other materials.

Regardless of how big or how small your steel building requirements are, Tassie Sheds have a range of cold-form industrial shed designs to choose from, all of which can be customised to suit your needs.


If you’re looking for stylish and spacious shed homes to construct on your block of land, then look no further than Tassie Sheds. Our range of sheds can be transformed into class 1a liveable buildings for extra living space.

Our selection of shed homes in Hobart is supplied in kit form – the ideal choice for the owner-builder.

Steel kit homes are a fantastic housing solution for Hobart locals, as our designs look great on rural properties.  They are cost-effective, as you have control over the doors, windows, fixtures and fitting suppliers that you use.  This also gives you great flexibility over the ultimate finish and look of your home.

Our steel homes are manufactured from premium BlueScope Steel, and the engineering is specific to your site location, design criteria and wind region.


Single Car Carport If you are in Hobart and looking for a new cover to protect your cars, boat, caravan or bike, give us a call at Tassie Sheds.  We are not only your local shed experts, but we are the go-to team for steel carports in town.

Our Hobart carport range is manufactured from Colorbond® Steel, which gives you plenty of choices when choosing the colour for the roof of your structure. You also have four different roof lines to choose from, including skillion, dutch, gable and hip.  Our carports are also available in several standard sizes and are free-standing covers for your vehicle or added outdoor liveable space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shed building costs depend on the height, width and length of the building. Higher buildings tend to cost more to install as they may require scissor lifts or even a crane to lift the columns into place.

Yes, we are ShedSafe accredited which means we take into account the location of each shed to determine the exact wind speed and design our buildings accordingly.

Aesthetics are more important for some people than others, and this largely comes down to where the shed will be located.

We offer the flexibility of installing your shed or garage on piers or a concrete slab.

All of our steel buildings come with signed engineered plans for local council.

We only use 100% Australia BlueScope steel in our sheds. We use either COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® for cladding and GALVASPAN® for the structural components.

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