We purchase garages and other steel buildings in order to protect our equipment, possessions and machinery. So why let a little thing like condensation in your garage ruin the things you love. Make an effort to keep an eye out and stop condensation from forming in your steel structure.

And condensation is rife in Hobart right now, with the lovely sunny warm days, and the cooler nights, so you really need to keep your eye open and do what you can to stop it.

How can you stop condensation? Well, the very best method is definitely insulation for your roof. The team at Tassie Sheds Launceston recommends that you go for quality insulation, rather than opting for a cheaper solution. Unfortunately, some of the poorer quality insulation simply doesn’t work once they are damaged, so we recommend shopping around and finding a solution that is certified by the Building Code of Australia.

If you are looking for a quality steel residential garage or a garage and workshop, contact the team at Tassie Sheds. Call (03) 6165 0204.