Planning on buying one of Tassie Sheds popular steel kit homes? Our designs are spacious and stylish, and once completed can look ultra savvy with a few modern interior design ideas. Below are just a few ideas on how to modernise your new steel kit home.


We’re big fans of a bit of fire, and red can look ravaging in the living room; however red needs to be tamed, and to do so, you simply need to balance it with the colour white. Possibly white cushions on your couch, a white coffee table, a white-framed mirror on your flaming red wall – red is a ravaging colour and can really make a lasting impression.


Feature walls are always a popular way to create an impact for various rooms; most typically the lounge or master bedrooms. One way to do this is to use wallpaper on the feature wall. Choose a pattern and colour that compliments the colours in the rest of the room, and dress it up with modern patterned wallpaper. Your friends will be envious for years to come.


While it is an easy choice to go for simple neutral colours, you can add a little glam by adding a splash of colour to your steel kit home. Yellow, green or lime can really liven up your lounge room. Mint, blues and pinks can add a little sparkle to the bedroom. Be creative, but don’t go overboard.

Investing in property is an exceptionally exciting venture, and dressing your new steel kit house will help transform it into a home for you. Remember, the tip to modern interior design is to keep it simple. Don’t go overboard. Stick to a theme and then run with it. There are numerous points of inspiration for interior design, make sure you access it so you can create the best for your new home.


Tassie Sheds Tasmania proudly offers a range of beautifully designed steel kit homes. From the smaller designs that have been created for use as granny flats or studio homes, through to our larger kit home designs perfect for as family homes and holiday homes.

For more information on how you can turn one of our steel-framed houses into the perfect home, contact the friendly team here at Tassie Sheds on (03) 6165 0204.