So the missus has agreed to let you have your own little piece of paradise down in the backyard. You’ve set up your premium steel shed and are ready to let loose with the boys, but there are a few things missing: those interior decorating tips. We’ve put together a few to see that your new man cave can be the best it can be.

First up: The bar. Stocked with a bar fridge, a serving area and perhaps some bar stools, and at the very least a couple of bottles of whiskey and a slab or two. A few pot glasses from the local pub wouldn’t go astray either.

The couches. Old ones, new ones, it doesn’t matter. The comfier the better. A good place to find some with good grooves worn in already is the local council pickup or second-hand shop if you’re not looking to spend a fortune.

A TV. To watch all the great games on! Preferably with a good sports package as an add on but at least enough reception to catch all the footy games over winter.

A pool table. To play all the great games on! You can be guaranteed that Doug reckons he’s a gun at pool. This is the chance to prove him wrong over and over again.

A nice painting or two to hang. To add a bit of atmosphere to the place. Candidates are: an old ute, a bush scene, some sporting heroes.

And those are the basics of your man cave! A few extras like a rug, loo and microwave and you’ve got yourself somewhere you’ll never want to leave.