In Hobart, the property owner is responsible for making sure the building permit has been secured before starting any construction work on their new steel garage.

If you require plumbing inside your garage, then in some instances you make need to have approved plumbing permits before applying for your building permit.


Tassie Sheds Tasmania highly recommends all customers seek advice from the Hobart City Council to ensure they meet all requirements for building in their region. Our experienced team will then help you with all your council submissions, compiling documentation and ensuring the building is compliant with the site you intend to build your new garage or workshop on.


If the work on your shed is valued over $5,000 – this is both materials and labour, then it is a requirement in Tasmania that the building permit must be carried out by registered accredited shed builders, or you need to be a registered owner-builder.


If you are the owner of the property and plan to build your steel garage yourself, then you are bound under Tasmanian law to get a permit (if your building is valued over $5k). You will also need to get certain insurances (this could be for an extended period even after the completion of your steel building project). If you are planning on becoming an owner-builder, then we recommend you visit for more information on what is required of you.

There are many factors you will need to consider when purchasing a new steel garage, but please know this is for your safety and wellbeing. The Hobart City Council is only ensuring that your new steel structure is suitable for your property and meets the local building regulations.

Tassie Sheds proudly supplies a comprehensive range of steel residential garages, and larger garages and workshops; all of which have been engineered to be compliant with the Building Codes of Australia.

Furthermore, Tassie Sheds is a ShedSafe Accredited steel building supplier. For more information about our steel buildings, please call us on (03) 6165 0204.